Although Hungary is positioned in Central-Europe, it is a constant question of introspection, whether we hungarians are Europeans enough. Living in the collision zone of greater powers proved to be perilous and sometimes humiliating. There is only one thing for sure, the lack of continuity.

In early 2003 Hungary held a referendum to decide whether or not to join the European Union. Amidst the political excitement of the accession, I followed these roads loaded with heavy traffic up and down several times from Austria to Ukraine to find visual proof of preparedness. Transit became a survey of the provisional roadside landscape and the people who depend on this transit route to make a living.

The series was shot during a six month period in the autumn of 2002 and summer of 2003. It was my diploma project at the Hungarian University of Art and Design, a school that changed its name two times since then. In the past eight years I did not care too much about this work, but now as the Hungarian EU presidency started it was time to look back and revise it, only to find that nothing really changed: our transitional status remained.

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All photographs © Kudász Gábor Arion